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See I can't walk on water
But I can sure as hell try
I'm headed out for an island
With trees that touch the sky

And I'll be swimmin'
And I'll be swimmin'

I wanna see something awful
Something that isn't the same
I'll live out with the angels
Free from anger and pain

And I'm marching
to the beat
Of the Giant's giant feet
Now listen

He don't care
He's stepping on the seashells

And we're marching
to the beat
Of the Giant's giant feet
As he goes
Wah-oo wah-oo wah-oo wah-oo
Wah-oo wah-oo wah-oo wah-oo [x2]

You can't defy what is written
When it's written in blood
So keep your eyes on your feet, my friends
And away from the blood

The Giant, looks down on me
and he says, "You're not dreaming."
"I've come for your children. So step 'out the way."
"Here I come."


from Tomorrow, released October 31, 2015



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The Monstars Oregon

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