The Soldier Kid [AGUF]

from by The Monstars



Solider kid, soldier kid
Powder explodes again
Solider kid, soldier kid
Got no helmet for his head
Soldier kid, soldier kid
A war fought outta sand
Soldier kid, soldier kid
Youll never make home again

Its difficult for him to say, its hard to say the least
Just an idiot with his two cents, that he worked so hard to keep
He tried to be so strong, he thought, but he was wrong
And I guess its kind of dumb, in retrospect

[Evila Ro Daed Meht Gnirb Ho Ho Ho Ho]

Time and time again, he'd try to morph and bend
To the laws set infront of him, by some greater men
Fuck, so sick of trying, so sick of all the crying
His friends jumped one by one, and hit the ground while dying

But he never starts complaining, there's worse out there, with pain in
Their lives, God, hes glad, hes grateful for what he had
But its tough to be a soldier, for you're your only friend
He truly loved the others but felt safer in his head

No, not depressed, yes he was content
The reason that he wrote all this, trying to find my balance
Was he a boy or a man, was he lion or the lamb
The leader he wanted to be is torn apart, in strands

Would you mind if i told the story, its one that youd expect
Broken every day, he tried to control the flak
He told his sisters, that he missed hers
But they kept stepping back- well that little shit grew up
alone, but he made it at- (at)

Years on the sidewalks, dead stare, he fell flat (flat)
Got shat on and stabbed, but fuck if, he came back (back)
Not looking for shitty pity, just trying to express
Hes teaming with leanings, what the fuck would you expect

And another chess piece falls, he hopes its none of ours
He hopes its never anyones, but with our luck its them all
With my luck, wed be prosperous, at least for a moment
But after thats gone, we'd be torn apart by our own men

And we're

solider kid, soldier kid
soldier kid, soldier kid
solider kid, soldier kid
soldier kid, soldier kid

[Evila Ro Daed Meht Gnirb Ho Ho Ho Ho]


Burned through my ears, shamed, i shed my tears
My god it was the most beautiful thing that i could hear
The promise and the detail, I found myself in art
My hands betrayed me enough, theyd had there fun

Time to get to work, if only once in my life
Shaking violently, ready for inner strife
I lined up my demons, I was not gonna feed'em
Put a bullet through each of them, at least while i was dreamin

And they layed there screaming
At least they did in metaphor
Like a similie that you cannot trace
Back to the smoking guns barrel
The pit in my throat
It was a poisonous toad
I vomitted that bitch up
And dragged his brains across the road

And this long road to ruin, was crackling
This road i paved myself, was paved in apathy
And times like now, when it floods over and i feel so done
I do something so strange
As to stand straight, not get spun

These promises i make, i wont soon forget
These things i try to create, aren't made from cement
They fall down now, and then, and when i fall down again
I hope this soldier has his men, we're just allies til the end

We`re just soldier kids, soldier kids
Its all of who we are
A new age world
Filled with old age scars
Soldier kids, soldier kids
Emotions in the rough
Soldier kid soldier kids
It was once all love
soldier kids soldier kids
Protecting eachother
Were unknown family
Between these borders we cover
soldier kids soldier kids
Marching to the fight of our lives
soldier kids soldier kids
Were living now not just filling time

[Evila Ro Daed Meht Gnirb Ho Ho Ho Ho]


from Tomorrow, released October 31, 2015



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